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As Marc Andreessen put it, “Software is Eating the World“.  There is not a single industry that software does not play a significant if not defining role in.  For something that has become so critical to our existence, most software and the process by which it is created is severely lacking.

As complexity rises due to:

  • Codebase: Single Language -> Polyglot
  • Architecture: Monolithic -> Distributed
  • Teams: Co-Located -> Globally Dispersed
  • Deployment: Dedicated Environment -> Cloud/Containers
  • IP: Proprietary -> Open Source

It is becoming even harder to deliver quality software on time and on budget with the right set of features that provide value to the user.  There are lots of tools out there that try to tackle different parts of this problem:

  • Source Control
  • Agile/Issue Tracking
  • Service Desk
  • Test & Code Analytics
  • Continuous Integration
  • Repositories
  • Collaboration
  • Application Performance Management

However, real improvement comes from being able to measure and act on data coming from all of these different tools.

Codemonkey.ai was built to address this opportunity by providing real-time business intelligence and decision support to software leaders.  By connecting into tools from across the software development toolchain,  software leaders are now able to measure developer productivity, software quality, and process efficiency in a way they never have been able to before.

If you are interested in taking Codemonkey.ai for a spin, there is a 15-day trial (no CC Required).  After you sign up you can even access a number of Open Source Projects to help you get a better idea of what Codemonkey.ai can do for your own apps.

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